See recent changes to the JTR as well as attachments below.

UTD-CTD MAPCAP 030-17(I) – This item updates the Army address in the JTR.

UTD-CTD MAPCAP 030-17(I) — Update Army Address

UTD-CTD MAPCAP 032-17(I) – Clarifies that non-USMC commands assigned to Okinawa (Japan) are authorized the full HHG weight allowance per Navy MAP on behalf of Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC) request.

UTD-CTD_MAPCAP 032-17(I) Navy APP W Japan Change

UTD 015-17 (I) – This item moves escort and accompanying dependent travel from Ch 7 to Ch 5, par. 5093.

UTD 015-17(I) Escort or Accompanying Dependent Travel

UTD 034-17 (I) – This item moves Ch 4, Part I (ITDY) to Ch 5, Part A11.

UTD 034-17(I) Move ITDY to Ch 5

UTD-CTD 001(E) – This item clarifies that cancellation fees and penalties charged by transportation network companies are not reimbursable expenses. Any additional fees or penalties incurred are the traveler’s personal financial responsibility.  Adds definition of Transportation Network Companies to App A.

UTD-CTD 001E) Transp Network Co Cancellation Fees

UTD-CTD 028-17 (I) – This item moves par. 2170 (When Per Diem is Authorized) to Ch 5, pars. 5039 and 5555.

UTD-CTD 028-17(I) Move par. 2170 (When PD is Auth) to Ch 5