I was disappointed to see AFAFO recently deleted a great repository of CRIS queries from their SharePoint site. Fortunately, I grabbed these before they deleted them. Sadly, WordPress won’t allow me to upload QDR or Report files so I zipped them instead. You should be able to download and unzip them fairly easily.

I also included some helpful links and guides I found while researching. These are in no particular order but hopefully they save you time in researching a supply/fuel issue.

CRIS-Supply & Fuels Queries zip

CRIS Queries Included
  • Due Outs
  • Fuels
  • R72 Supply Transactions and Targets
  • Fuels
Supply/Fuel Links

DoD 4100.39 Vol 4-Federal Logistics Information System

Aviation Fuels FM Guide

DFAS-Supply Site

DFAS-Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG)

AFI 23-101-Air Force Materiel Management

DFAS-DE 7077.4-Standard Materiel Accounting System User’s Manual

DFAS-DE OPLOC and Departmental Accounting Critical Processes, Flowcharts, Internal Management Controls, Responsibilities and Procedures

Aviation Fuels Guide 

Business Funds Branch (SMAS & FIABS)

Business Funds Branch (SMAS & FIABS) Task Matrix