Originally appeared on DFAS ePortal (17 Jan 2017)

Written by Stefanie Vargo

The DFAS eLibrary is a quick and simple way for employees to ensure they are using are up-to-date publications.

With a click of the mouse on the eLibrary tab at the top of the ePortal homepage, employees will find the official DFAS forms and publications page.

All DFAS publications require mandatory reissuance five years from their effective date, but, they are living documents that can be updated or rescinded by the authors at any time.

Employees should check the eLibrary before using a publication to ensure they have the most current version. If a publication cannot be found on the eLibrary, it should be considered no longer valid and no longer used.

Below is a list of new or reissued DFAS publications during 2016:

•Interim Policy Memorandum for DFAS1402.3-I, “Entry Level Recruiting Program”

•5200.10-DV, “DFAS Insider Threat (InT) Program”

•1000.601-I, “DFAS Cleveland (DFAS-CL) Active Duty Military Person of the Year (MPOY) Program”

•5000.4-I, “No-Cost Contracts and No-Cost Agreements”

•1400.2-I, “Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)”

•5015.2-M, “Records Disposition Schedules”

•8430.01-I, “System Life Cycle (SLC) Management”

•Interim Policy memorandum for DFAS 3020.27, “Pandemic Response”

•5010.40-I, “Managers’ Internal Control Program (MICP) Policy”

•1400.11-I, “Credit for Prior Non-Federal Work Experience and Experience in a Uniformed Service for Determining Annual Leave Accrual Rate”

•8430.01-IPM, “Information Technology Acquisition Approval (ITAA) Authority to Approve Requirements for Information Technology (IT) to Proceed to Acquisition by Contract or Interagency Agreement”

•7000.12-DV, “United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFARICA) Financial Management”

For more information or questions regarding publications, email DFAS Forms and Publications Office.