First, this file is huge (11MB) so be patient. Second, much of this information is outdated (i.e. Legacy focused; no DEAMS). However, there is a ton of good information and many of the principle remain. Look past the outdated styling and Legacy info and you’ll find a good training resource.

Resource Advisor Encyclopedia ppt

Table of Contents

1017-G (JV)
Accounting Classifications
AF Form 9
AF Form 406 (MORD)
AF Form 616
AF Form 4009
Civilian Pay
Contingency Requests
DD Form 448 (MIPR)
DD Form 1610 For IPCOT/COT Travel
Fiscal Law Brief
Government Purchase Card Program
SF 1081
SF 1164
SM&W Requests
Stages Of Accounting
Support Agreements
Target Loads
Tri-Annual Review Process
WAWF (Wide Area Workflow)
Web Sites