Download DTS Software_Maintenance_Release_8MAR17_FY17 pdf


Release Software Version Number:
EWTS Release Date: March 8, 2017
EWTS Expected Downtime: TBD
DTS Release Date: March 10, 2017
DTS Expected Downtime: None
TAC Outreach Call: March 14, 2017. For instructions on how to participate in this call or for a copy of the slides, see the TAC Outreach Call announcement in the Announcements section of Travel Explorer (TraX) (


Continues the incremental implementation of updates to the system’s Java Framework, first in EWTS, then in DTS. These updates enhance technology to include 508 compliance, system stability and security, and allow the system to leverage new browser capabilities. In DTS, the release improves the Itinerary Screens offering users two paths listed below (see Section IV for frequently asked questions).
Path 1: Continue creating their itinerary using the legacy (current) DTS screens, or
Path 2: Use the new itinerary screens for TDY trip types listed in Figure 1. These new screens provide a condensed, simplified web entry page to populate the itinerary data for a trip. In addition, some fields will have default settings to assist the majority of users, but still allow a user to change these default settings as applicable.
To view a demonstration of the new itinerary screens, within DTS… click on the new camera icon link (‘New!’) on the top right corner of the My Itinerary screen.
Adds functionality where a Defense Travel Administrator may provide access to the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) within a user’s profile. (See Section IV, Question #10.)
Resolves functionality content (see Section III).