View AFAFO DFAS Accounting Conference 2016 Presentations

There is a ton of information in these presentations. Lots of interesting topics: DEAMS, contracting, G-invoicing, IPP, TAR, FMSuite, DCMA/MOCAS. It’s truly an accountants dream conference. Below is a searchable list of links that allows you to quickly find the content you’re looking for.

IMSC and Metrics
2016.03.09 Accounting Conf FIAR Update final with updates
SBA audit Lessons Learned-Base Level Perspective
Todd Baker DEAMS Overview
DEAMS Civ Pay Briefing AF Conference
Contracting and CVS
Accounts Payable (Vendor Contract Miscellaneous Payment) FINAL v4
Accounts Receivable
DEAMS Research and Analysis
DEAMS Training_Air Force
Disbursing Operations Collections
ESS AR Pay gov Air Force Briefing March 2016 v6 v3
AMPS AF Overview - AF Worldwide Conference
DCMA (MOCAS Special Pay Instructions) v1
G-Invoicing V2
IPP Brief
Demystifying Expanded Use - 10 Mar 2016
FYE Closeout, RCM, DBT, Certifications _ Lessons Learned
FYE Closeout, RCM, DBT, Certifications and Lessons Learned
GPC CUTS Payment - 1 Dec 2015
TAR DEAMS and Legacy
CareCenter_Ombudsman_MAR 2016
FMSuite ODA-TAR Briefing slides
UPDATED_AF Conference_CareCenterOmbudsman_MAR 2016
(2) (0800) DEAMS Backlog
(2) AF worldwide workshop - MAFR suspense
(2) MAFR suspense
(3) (0800) Mike Wertz DEAMS Update____TRAVEL UPDATE
(3) B2R DFAS_AF Presentation
(3) General Ledger Discrepancies and Research
(4) DEAMS End to End Billing Process
(4) DFAS_Worldwide_presentation
Accounting Conference Budget Officer Brief
Accounting Conference Budget Officer Brief_Day2
AFConference_B2R Examples