The Top Ten provides tips and details you might have missed in the DEAMS newsletter, Monthly Users Forum, or DEAMS Announcements.  This is your quick hit list for all the latest happenings in DEAMS!

  1. We’re currently in a Customer Satisfaction Survey period for the installations listed below, through 3 March 2017.  If your installation is listed click here to access the survey.  We strongly encourage you to participate!  We rely on the data from your inputs, which are shared with the deployment, training and Sustainment teams for improvements.  It is critical for continued DEAMS program success for deployed users to complete this survey.  It only takes a few minutes, and we thank you in advance for your support.  The following installations are strongly encouraged to complete the survey and return to the DEAMS Functional Management Office: Minot AFB, Vance AFB, 104 FW Westfield/Barnes, CRTC Volk, Little Rock AFB, Dyess AB, Seymour Johnson AFB, Laughlin AFB, Cannon AFB, 171 Pittsburgh, 109 AW Schenectady, 146 AW Channel Island, and 179 AW Mansfield.
  2. Have you read the February DEAMS Newsletter?  Read previous editions via the DEAMS Outreach Portal > Communications Library > DEAMS News.  Is there something you would like to see in a future issue of DEAMS News?  Contact Benjamin Douglas, DEAMS News Editor, at to provide suggestions for topics in future issues.
  3. Did you miss the 15 February 2017, DEAMS Monthly Users Forum?  We’re now holding two sessions (1000-1130 EST and 1600-1730 EST)!  Click here to review February’s presentation; meeting minutes are coming soon!
    Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, 15 March 2017 (two sessions!) – Be on the watch for an invitation – coming your way soon!
  4. Be ProACTive! – Open Document Listing (ODL) is Item #8 on the Recurring Critical Task This task is performed to reconcile/validate the ODL, to include unobligated commitments/requisitions and unliquidated obligations/orders against supporting documents. Action is recommended for completion weekly, but no less often than monthly. Run the ODL Report in the DEAMS Reports Application by following the steps outlined in the New DEAMS Reporting Application Overview Guide located on the DEAMS Outreach Portal.
  5. The CSD Answer Bank is continually updating and improving.  This tool allows users to walk through a step-by-step decision tree similar to contacting the DEAMS Help Desk Check out this useful tool before calling the help desk.  You are only five (5) clicks away from your answer!
  6. Monthly Training webinars are scheduled thru March 2017!  For more information, to include instructions on how to sign up, access Meeting Central. Don’t miss out!  Contact your Training team by email:  Visit the FM Distributed Learning Center (FM DLC) to register.  We are modifying and developing new courses to support our users’ needs.
  7. DEAMS is now processing reimbursable travel transactions from Defense Travel Services (DTS).  The release went into production in October 2016.  DTS Labels that include a Sales Code now obligate directly to the DEAMS R Fund, relieving the need to reverse the travel transactions from D to R.  If you have questions please reach out to the DEAMS Help Desk for assistance.
  8. Check out the new DEAMS Reporting Application:  There are two Status of Funds reports; Status of Funds (refreshed every ~2 hours) and Status of Funds Near Real Time (refreshed every ~30 minutes and includes Accounting Flex Field Segments Only), Open Document Listing (Non Travel – refreshed every ~2 hours), Open Document Listing (Travel – refreshed every ~2 hours).  These reports were produced for FYE16 and are available for use today.
  9. Use the DEAMS Outreach Portal (“It’s Your One Stop Shop for All Things DEAMS”); there are useful tools for obtaining help desk assistance, finding training, and connecting to other DEAMS users.  Please add the link to your desktop and check in often:
  10. Lessons Learned are an important part of making DEAMS better!  Submit your recommendation for improvements as soon as possible!  Lessons learned are welcome anytime on any DEAMS topic.  Help us improve DEAMS and provide your recommendations today.  Contact the DEAMS OCM Organizational mailbox, DEAMS OCM team, with questions.


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  1. Is there a way to redirect workflow in DEAMS to another user if a person would be out for convalescent leave or something similar?
  2. Yes, a vacation rule can be created, forwarding the workflow to an active approver.  The Setting Vacation Rules job aid is available on the DEAMS Outreach Portal to help in this process. Please contact the Help Desk if you have questions.