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Summer 2008 (Vol 41, Issue 2)


Focus on Cost Analysis

Table of Contents (page)

The Comptroller’s Corner 3
Cost Estimating: The Problem and the Plan 4-7
Cost of the Air Force Model 8-11
Contract Logistics Support Visibility Issues in AFTOC 12-13
Risk, Uncertainty, and Trouble: Escaping the RUT of Program Instability 14-17
Data: Repowering Air Force Cost Analysis 18-19
The Efficiencies of Capitalism 20-22
Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition – Book Review 23
The Financial Management & Comptroller Fiscal Year 2007 Awards 24-27
Notes From The Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Financial Management 28
Notes From the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Budget 29
Notes From The Deputy Assistant Secretary, Financial Operations 30
Notes From the Director, Strategic Planning, Communications, and Support 31
FM Chief Information Officer 32
Notes From the Director, Workforce Management 33
Notes From the Chief for Enlisted Matters 34
Notes From the Director, Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School 35
Notes From the Comptroller Training Flight 36
Notes From the Comptroller Officer Assignment Team 37
Notes From the Civilian Career Field Management Team 38
Aces High Awards 39-40
Promotions/Retirements 40-42