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Fall 2007 (Vol 40, Issue 3)


Organizational Evolution

Table of Contents (page)

The Comptroller’s Corner 3
Thr Future is Now! 4-5
Dedicated Decision Support 6-7
Refine Your Organizational Culture: Get Results! 8-10
Book Review: Change Management – The People Side of Change 11
Key Comptroller Personnel by MAJCOM 12-19
FM Executive Officers and Administrative Personnel 19
Air Force Financial Management Key Personnel 20-21
Notes From The Deputy Assistant Secretary, Budget 22
Notes From The Deputy Assistant Secretary, Financial Operations 23
Notes From the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Cost and Economics 24
Notes From the Director, Air Force Financial Management Strategic Planning and Transformation 25
Notes From the FM Chief Information Officer 26
Notes From the Director, Workforce Management 27
Notes From the Chief for Enlisted Matters 28
Notes From the Director, Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School 29
Notes From the Comptroller Training Flight 30
Notes From The Comptroller Officer Assignment Team 31
Notes From the Civilian Career Field Management Team 32
Aces High Awards 33-34
Promotions/Retirements 35-38