This guidance establishes the release of the CY17 IDT Travel Reimbursement as authorized by Congress and approved by AF/RE.  The IDT Travel Reimbursement Guidance has been approved by the AFRC/CC and supersedes all previous guidance on this subject.  This policy is effective and retroactive to 1 Jan 2017.

Historical IDT Travel Program lists are not included with this policy, but can be retrieved on the AFRC/A1RY SharePoint site or on myPers.

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Table of Contents (Page)

Summary of Changes 3
Program Points of Contact 4
Current TDY Mileage Rates 5
HQ AFRC/A1/FM IDT Travel Guidance 7
AFRC IDT Travel Guidance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 9
Critical Skills AFSC Listing (CSL) 15